We are happy to help you book all kinds of activities, such as scuba diving, private speedboat charters, sailing trips etc. and of course would love to advise you on the best restaurants and places of interest.

Master Divers

Koh Tao is famous for it's underwater world. Surrounded by crystal clear water and amazing marine life, so snorkeling and diving are one of the most popular activities. You can see wonderful creatures like sea turtles, small reef sharks and even seasonal whale sharks.

Enjoy the underwater world by snorkeling in the bays around Koh Tao, or do a trip to the neighboring island of Koh Nang Yuan by kayak or long-tail-boat. Private speedboat or long-tail boat charters for snorkelling trips around the island can be arranged by us.

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is the national sport combining fitness, strength and agility. Private lessons by a professional, English speaking teacher at the islands own Thai boxing-camp and gym can be organized. Experience the thrill of the traditional art of professional Muay Thai at the live fight nights.

Find your inner centre and strength with Shambalah yoga. They offer daily classes in an airy wooden 'Sala' about 10 minutes walk from our villas.

Learn how to cook your favourite Thai dishes! We can arrange Thai cooking classes at one of the islands 'secret' local restaurants. Take a piece of Thailand home with you.

Rock Climbing

Explore Koh Tao's more challenging activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, bouldering or cliff jumping under supervision of expert professionals. Beginners to experts are welcome.

If you rather stay above the water, why not try wakeboarding or waterskiing? Private tuition and charters are available.

Island 2 Island Zip wire

Koh Tao's newest activity is the Island2Island Zip Line. Located on our neighbouring Koh Nang Yuan Island, it's a mere 15 minute boat ride away. After a short training session you step off the edge to fly along the zip line from one of the small islands to the other. A great adventure for the whole family.

Game Fishing

Targeting top marine game fish such as marlin, sailfish, king mackerel and tuna, this is the ultimate thrill for fishing fans!

The Rocks