Koh tao today

Koh Tao, which is Thai for 'Turtle Island' covers an area of approximately 21 square kilometres in size. It nestles within the warm, clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand about 70 km off the eastern shore of southern Thailand, just north of the Islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Lying only 7 degrees over the equator gives it a warm, tropical climate throughout the year.

Koh Tao, with its relaxing charm and un-spoilt nature is becoming one of Thailand’s premiere get-a-ways. You will find idyllic palm fringed bays with stunning beaches, surrounded by lush fauna. There are also stylish restaurants offering fine dining, relaxing spas and lots of activities that make Koh Tao a dream holiday location.

Getting around

Koh Tao has one large 'main' concrete road from north to south and most of the other roads are very steep. Therefore getting to some of the more secluded places on the island can be challenging but rewarding.

Around 70% of all traffic on the island is motorbike, with small mopeds and occasional larger dirt bikes being the main modes of transport. All taxis are converted 4-wheel drive trucks. Due to their high cost and maintenance, the prices of Koh Tao taxis are significantly higher than on the main land.

To get around you can hire mopeds, dirt bikes, ATVs or small 4WD jeeps. Taxis cost around 300-700 THB per ride (depending on destination), mopeds cost around 250THB per day, dirt bikes 600THB, ATV's 600-1000THB per day and jeeps cost around 1200THB per day.

The Rocks